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Sign up for Summer League. Maximize Your Child's Potential with YAS Youth Flag Football League This Summer! Top 10 benefits of Enrolling Your Child

  1. Introduction YAS Co-Ed Youth Flag Football league is the perfect opportunity for young athletes to stay active, make new friends, and develop essential skills in a fun and welcoming environment.

  2. Learn the Basics We'll teach you the rules, fundamentals, and techniques of flag football. No prior experience required.

  3. Youth Development We want to emphasize the importance for the youth to stay active, learn teamwork, and build confidence. Flag football is a fun way to stay engaged during the summer through a sport.

  4. Fun and Safe Environment Our league provides a safe and inclusive space for children to enjoy sports. We have great coaches to ensure a fun and educational experience for all participants.

  5. Summer Sports League Our youth summer League is all about making the most of the season. With exciting games, and fundamental practices your child will have a summer filled with memorable experiences and new adventures.

  6. Community Engagement We want to encourage involvement in local youth sports programs such as YAS, It's Important to foster a sense of community and belonging.

  7. Physical and Mental Health There's a positive impact from sports on both physical and mental well-being. Playing sports helps with stress management, improves your mood, and a brain booster.

  8. Growth Through Challenges Sports help children develop resilience and face challenges. We want to encourage parents to support their children in trying new activities and seeing it through.

  9. Build Lifelong Skills Participation in sports can develop lifelong skills like discipline and perseverance. There are some transferable skills that children can learn through flag football that will translate to life, such as effective communication, mental and emotional strength, and teamwork.

  10. Join Us This Summer! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Register now to secure your spot in our summer league. Visit Join the YAS family today and make this summer unforgettable!

  • July 2nd YAS Player Evaluations

  • July 10th First YAS Practice

  • July 13th YAS Summer season kicks off.

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Kids playing flag football
YAS Flag Football League

If you're looking for an exciting summer activity for your child that combines fun, learning, and teamwork, our youth flag football league is the perfect choice!

Registration Is OPEN Join Our League Now!

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